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    The very best flavours of our Above Ohm range are now available as a salt.

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    An authentic aniseed flavour with all the nostalgic flavours of your youth.

    Blue Chill

    Like Heisenberg, a mix of "blue" berries with a cool twist and a touch of eucalyptus.

    Blue Raspberry

    A sweet and crisp blue raspberry guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Cool Menthol

    A refreshing natural menthol flavour with an ice cold finish on the exhale.

    Cool Mint

    An ice cold blend of peppermint and spearmint for a cold refreshing taste.

    Fruit Tart

    A sweet and tangy blend of lemon and lime for a bright and fresh taste.

    Iron Brew

    A flavour akin to the famous orange fizzy drink. Strong, sweet and refreshing.

    Menthol Tobacco

    A medium strength smooth natural tobacco extract with a mentholated twist.

    Red Chill

    Like Red Astaire, a mix of "red" berries with a cool twist and a touch of aniseed.

    Rich Tobacco

    With natural tobacco extracts, our rich tobacco never fails to satisfy.


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