Every customer’s business is different and have their own set of questions and requirements. Here we try to answer some of the commonly asked ones.

Do you offer product samples?

We understand that retailers will want to try a new e-liquid prior to stocking it. We often get asked for samples for this purpose.

Whilst we are happy to provide samples to genuine retailers who are considering stocking one or more of our brands, too often, we get approached for samples by end consumers claiming to be new or existing retailers.

For this reason, we like to get to know you and your business prior to sending samples and we will only send samples to those we are confident are genuine retailers.

Do you offer product exclusivity?

Often, we are asked by resellers for exclusivity within a certain area for one or more of our brands. While compelling cases are often made, we believe in supporting and not limiting retail growth.

One of our core ideals is to build value for the brands which we represent. We do not believe this is best achieved by limiting our routes to market. Instead, we ensure a level playing field for all retailers by protecting the value of our brands and ensuring that retail success is based on the quality of service provided by the retailer.

How do I open an account with you?

Opening an account with us couldn’t be simpler. Our only requirement is that you are a reseller. Simply click here and fill out the application form. It can all be done online and takes only a few minutes. Once approved, your assigned account representative will contact you.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We see our resellers as our partners – our aim is to aid their success. We don’t believe that this is achieved through asking them to hold unnecessary quantities of stock. We would rather you take stock in smaller quantities frequently than large amounts less often. It helps your cash flow and regular contact with our resellers ensures a well informed retail base.

For this reason, we have no minimum order quantity. However, for orders below £250, we charge £6 carriage to the UK mainland. For carriage charges and terms to other countries, please speak to your account representative.

Can you offer any additional pricing discounts?

We offer a highly competitive matrix-based pricing structure. For pricing on orders above any published volume, please speak to your account representative.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit/debit card payments via our online gateway without any surcharge. Alternatively, you can make payment via BACS and other forms of electronic transfer.

Which countries do you deliver to?

The only countries that we do not dispatch to are those where the import or sale of electronic cigarette products are banned. Restrictions also apply in terms of what we can legally export to certain other countries.

When can I expect to receive my order?

All orders are dispatched via a tracked DHL service. Orders to the UK Mainland released before 3pm are dispatched the same day on a next working day service. All orders to Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland released before 3pm are shipped the same day on a two working day service. All orders to the Rest of Europe completed before 3pm are shipped the same day on a 2-3 working day service.

Are your liquids TPD compliant?

Yes. All e-liquids supplied by us are fully compliant with Article 20 of the Tobacco Product Directive and can be legally sold after 20th May 2017. This can be confirmed by cross-referencing the ECID numbers on each of our product pages with the list of compliant products on the MHRA website and those of their counterparts in other EU countries.

Are your bottles tamper evident?

A tamper evident seal is built in to the caps of each of our bottles to show that the bottle has not been opened since its manufacture.

Are the bottles that you use child resistant?

The bottles that we use in our production processes have been tested for child resistance in accordance with ISO 8317. A certificate of conformity can be supplied by your account manager upon request.

What do you need to get my e-liquid through TPD?

The information that we require from you in order to carry out analytical and toxicological work on your e-liquid is your recipe or final component list, component data from your flavouring manufacturer if you have any available to you and samples of your e-liquid. The MHRA also requires your product information and historic sales volumes for the purposes of the submission.

What happens after my products are notified?

After we have submitted your notification, you will receive an invoice from the MHRA for your notification fee. After this fee is paid, the ECID numbers of your products will be published on the MHRA website. Whilst the MHRA has six months to do so, we are currently finding that they are publishing new notifications in around four weeks.

What are short fills and do you offer them?

Article 20 of the TPD concerns itself solely with products which contain nicotine. Only products which contain nicotine need to be tested, reported on and sold in 10ml containers or smaller. Whilst all of our products are available in TPD-compliant format, we also acknowledge that there are many consumers out there who have become accustomed to and prefer 60ml bottles of their favourite e-liquids.

Therefore, we produce a version of each of our products as a 50ml volume of e-liquid inside a 60ml bottle. These “short fills” contain no nicotine and do not need to be compliant with the TPD. They can either be used as a 0mg e-liquid or can be combined with a 10ml bottle of diluted nicotine (often referred to as a “nic shot”) in order to create 60ml of e-liquid at your desired nicotine strength.

When you choose one of our flavours as a short-fill, you do so with the knowledge that the same flavour is also available as a nicotine-containing TPD-compliant version. This means that the flavour has been tested in accordance with the requirements of the TPD is guaranteed to be free of ingredients which are known to be most harmful to human health and banned under the requirements of the TPD.

Can you manufacture my e-liquid recipe for me?

Yes. We work with a large number of companies looking for a production partner and offer a range of services to cater to most requirements. If this is something that you wish to explore, please contact Operations on +44 (0)1708 380260.

What is your MOQ to manufacture my e-liquid?

We aim to be accessible to as many brand owners as possible and have tried to keep our minimum production runs as low as possible. However, as our process is fully automated, extensive set-up processes are required before bottling can commence on a batch. Hence, the minimum batch size that we can accept is 1000 10ml bottles.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

Before carrying out any production or compliance work on behalf of a client, we require a mutual NDA to be signed. This protects you and the sensitive information that you reveal to us, an entitles us to use such information solely for the purposes for which you have employed our services.